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Float Nation is a full-length documentary that explores the world of flotation tanks.

We traveled around the country to speak to and interview a myriad of people in the flotation community to document our experiences to produce a full-length documentary in order to bring floating to the masses. We're also taking the knowledge and insight we acquired from our trip to open a student-run float center in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The center will be free to students and will give back to the community by also functioning as a pain treatment center for those with chronic pain who are uninsured. We also intend to record pain progress in order to analyze and publish results, which will contribute to the scientific literature on the proven benefits of floating.

When we began floating, the rewards and potential of the experience became obvious. We began to comb through the scientific literature and were astounded by the findings, especially in pain management. The benefits were so staggering, we committed to sharing and learning more about this technology.

We've had the idea to make a documentary about floating for about a year. It's always been buried in the back of our minds, as concerns of how to make the documentary compelling and entertaining arose, and the responsibilities of life hampered our ability to spend the necessary time to travel and edit a documentary. After being highly involved in the opening of a student-run free health clinic for the uninsured, we became excited by the possibility of opening a similar facility for floating. We envisioned opening a student-run community float center that would double as a pain treatment center for those uninsured with chronic pain. This is when our two ideas merged. To make our center the best it can be, the production of the documentary will serve as the perfect catalyst for learning all we can about the flotation community to bring the knowledge we acquire on our trip into the opening and operation of our center, while creating a comprehensive resource that will spread the word about the technology to get more people into the tank.

The nature of this documentary allows us to cover a large range of topics while keeping a logical flow to the movie. We think that by covering a wide spectrum of ideas and covering as many uses as possible, we can leave the viewer with a sense of curiosity, allowing people to decide for themselves what to take away from their tank experience. We want to provide viewers with as much information about floating as we can, so that no one perspective of floating takes precedence. This way, our audience will be exposed to all that floating can be, allowing each person to take from our film whatever about floating is most salient or important to that individual. A truly comprehensive film about floating could really be a huge jumpstart for the flotation movement. We wish to showcase the world of floating through this documentary by giving people a chance to speak honestly about what they'd like to purvey about the subject. Our main goal is to share the world of floating to bolster its popularity and utilization to enrich the lives of others. The popularity of flotation therapy has experienced a refreshing boost in the past year or so, however, we think it's important to get more people interested in floating to preserve and strengthen the current availability of tank centers. Aside from spreading the word about flotation to those not in the know, we want to provide something fun and exciting for float enthusiasts to watch as well. There's a lot of good information out there in the form of articles, websites, books, Facebook groups, etc, but we plan to cover it all in one easily digestable format.

By making this documentary, we hope to:
- Inspire others to visit their local tank so centers can continue to stay available and expand their services.
- Inspire people to buy and build their own tanks for personal, in-home use.
- Inspire people to open more float centers to increase the breadth of access.
- Present medical knowledge about flotation therapy to increase its use and acceptance as a serious form of therapy.
- Dispel myths and misconceptions about floating to help make it more commonplace in society.
- Open a community float center as a model for others to follow.
- Instill realistic (no) expectations for first-time floaters.

Tentatively, we will be taking off early-mid April! We're allowing around 3 weeks for the trip, and will most likely have a fairly quick turnaround (for a documentary). We're aiming to have the final product completed by the summer of 2013.

The Trip
Here's the trajectory of our trip, starting in Ann Arbor, MI. We may deviate from this, as more facilities and tank centers will be added later.

To keep lodging expenses at $0, we're asking anyone who would like to help us out to offer us a place to spend the night when we're in/near your town. Due to the all of the support we've been receiving, we have places to stay almost everywhere. Any overnight gaps will be filled with the social travel site Couchsurfing.

We plan to make this highly informative and scientific, while still containing entertaining elements. The documentary will be full of interviews with float centers, manufacturers, scientists, doctors, athletes, public figures who use isolation tanks, people who makes their own tanks, avid floaters, people new to the experience, and more.

Here's a rough mind-map of the major topics we're going to cover:

Reach out! We'd love to hear your input.